Julie Ripley


Julie is a mentor and teacher of the Body, Mind and Spirit, working with clients primarily through coaching and bodywork.  She approaches each client with a holistic perspective and she is always seeking a deeper layer of connection.  She draws on ideas from many sources, including a structural and functional understanding of anatomy, other healing arts and practices, and the many personal experiences with her clients.  The delivery is in how the knowledge is pulled together and applied.  Clients often say they never have the same session twice.  

As a life long learner, Julie, has studied and explored the powerful, yet subtle modality of CranioSacral Therapy, advanced massage therapy and techniques to help with issue specific aliments (including soft tissue nerve entrapment), and cupping that helps to relieve tension in the myofascial system.  She has also, explored the body, mind and Spirit paradigm of yoga, guided meditation and seeks to help you find ways in which your Spirit can express more freely in your body.