Issue Specific Massage

During this session we work with specific PATTERNS to bring relaxation and balance into your body and nervous system, reduce pain and increase range of motion.  You may be laying down, sitting, reaching, standing, etc.  The approach changes, as the body changes.  Bring soft stretchable clothing to allow for movement.

Intuitive & Energetic Healing Session

During this session a blend of modalities are brought together to meet you where you are at.  This involves the many layers of our complex nature as humans.  We will work with the physical body and incorporate breathwork, guided meditation, and explore how thoughts and emotions express through the body as sensations.  This session offers the opportunity for introspection, personal growth, and a deep level of healing.  And no two sessions are alike.


Cupping is also known as Decompressive Release Techniques (DRT). When cupping is used as a therapy technique, the effect of manual therapies are greatly increased.  Cupping lifts the tissue and can enhance Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage, Orthopedic Conditions, Neuromuscular Dysfunctions, Sports Massage and Injuries, Stubborn Conditions, Fybromyalgia, Trigger Point Therapy,  Traumatic Injuries,  Chronic Conditions, Detoxification, Cellulite, Scars, and Stretch Marks,  General Relaxation and Wellness. 

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a form of bodywork based on the palpation of the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid as it circulates around the the brain and spinal cord.  A very light touch and long slow holds help to release restrictions in the tissues.  This techniques is a gentle "reboot" of the nervous system.  

Discovery Coaching Session

A discovery coaching session is designed to get you to connect to yourself on a deeper level to help you uncover where you are feeling overwhelmed, resistant, anxious, etc and help you discover what possibilities exist for a new experience.  This is a free session.  Coaching packages are offered based on this session.